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BBC News Online - Front Page
Here is the news from the BBC.
News from the Associated Press
Here is the news from the Associated Press.
Guardian Unlimited
The Guardian, Britain's best broadsheet.
Japanese-English Web Translation
Enter the URL of any Japanese-language page in the slot, check the righthand radio button, and you'll get a translation of Japanese text to English. Incredible, and somewhat inscrutable!
France Culture
France Culture, arts-related coverage in French from France.
CNN you know. (If you ever get a chance, check out a video piece by Omer Fast called CNN Concatenated. CNN cut and pasted like a bankrobber's ransom note.) Forum
The Momus newsgroup. Give blood, give ASCII, give head. It needs you!
Mac OS X
The operating system I once declared my true homeland. Now spruced beyond recognition.
The Mercury Theatre on the Air
Orson Welles' Mercury Theater on the air, all archived. This is totally wonderful if you have DSL. You will come back and come back for classics like 'War of the Worlds' and 'The Man Who Was Thursday'.
Merriam-Webster OnLine Dictionary
A talking dictionary. You can make it say rude things!
A good guide to Tokyo's cultural life, recently merged with Composite magazine.
Read an interview with Ten, formerly of Japanese design and music group Delaware, now solo. Truly a guru of the pixel. Then check his website.
The Onion
Satire, not always funny but always worth a read.
Adbusters Culture Jammers Headquarters
No logo, no teacher, no method? Here's your guru.
Salon is a great politics and culture magazine, apart from the charges and the adverts.
Welcome to The Japan Times online
Some interesting perspectives on the world from Asia, in English. Delve into the riveting 'Ceramic Scene' or the even racier articles in the Arts and Culture section.
The New York Times on the Web
The paper of record. Refuted daily by furious Republicans in the pockets of big business.
Bienvenue sur Liberation
I love this newspaper, which will always remind me of the benign side of the 80s.
I Heart New York: X Icons
Matthew Bice makes icons for your Macintosh. How did you live without them?
Welcome to
Buy land on the moon!
VocalWriter Home Page
Make a robot sing!
The Religion of the Samurai Index
The religion of the Samurai.
Oliver Cobol: Music for the 21st Century
Oliver Cobol is one half of Super Madrigal Brothers.
This is the radio station I had permanently tuned when I lived in New York.
c o m p o s i t e m a g. c o m
Composite is a clued-up magazine.
Dutch dance. Some pretty Quicktimes.
Command N is a Tokyo gallery worth looking into. I like the title, which recapitulates Pound's injunction to 'make it new' and puts it next to the pound key.
WOBC 91.5-FM, Oberlin College Radio
Streaming radio from an experimental liberal arts college in Ohio. Hear new and strange things!
International Herald Tribune
'International Herald Tribune! International Herald Tribune!'
WHRB Orgies
This comes from Harvard, and a Momus orgy (Momus tracks, rarities and interviews played for fourteen hours over two days) is planned for Tuesday 28th May 10pm-5am EST and Wednesday 29th May 10pm-5am EST. It will be broadcast on theweb in its entirety as well as over FM radio in Massachusetts.
Poetry Society Index Page
The Poetry Society in London.
John Cage Font Set
Write like John Cage! Well, letter like him, at least.
kitten's handbag
Something to do with kittens and painting?
I M A | Internet Museum of Art
A Japanese online art museum. Unfortunately not free.
index magazine home
Index magazine. My mates.
Totem Design
Blobby. Design. Zen. In SoHo. And Tribeca.
WFMU | 91.1fm Jersey City, NJ & 90.1fm Hudson Valley, NY
WFMU is a truly interesting radio station coming at you from Jersey City and the Hudson Valley. Eclectic, oh yes indeed.
Nakameguro's Organic Cafe
Meet you here Thursday at 2pm for a frothy cappuccino and a slice of strawberry cake. If it's too full we'll go up to Ochanoma.
Free fonts: original designs!
Mac Font Vault - Arty Fonts
Arty fonts!
FREEware/DELAware 037
The Rembrandts of Lo-Fi design and muses to the 'Thumb Tribe'.
Cantonese Opera Troupes in Singapore
The next Momus album will mix Cantonese opera, kabuki, and kabaret-landler.
BT Japanese Art Magazine
It's the Frieze magazine of Japan. Art, with particular reference to the 'Narakami' mafia (Yoshitomo Nara and Takashi Murakami of Hiropon)
Erik's tekeningen-project voor het jaar 2000
Erik is in the ligne claire tradition of French and Belgian cartoonist-artists. Charming.
Kitty Yo - Our Bands
Kitty Yo. Essence of Berlin Mitte, and home to some of my favourite bands, like Tarwater.
The Town Waits
Now confined to Christmas, the music of the town waits used to be played every day. It's a worm hole back to the Middle Ages.
Sailor Moon Super episode guide
This is good for a rainy day. A summary of every episode of Sailor Moon, the cult anime series.
Internet Modern History Sourcebook: Full Texts
Read books! About history!
Visual Kei?
What is Visual Kei? Well, it's this Glam Rock style that never went away in Japan. Everybody sings like David Sylvian and dresses like Marilyn Manson.
Klaus Nomi: Eternal Alien
Klaus Nomi made some terrible music. But he also touched sublimity. Find out more...
chicks on speed
They made a record with Kreidler. They cover The Normal. They wear paper dresses.
The Mushroom Kingdom - Super Mario Bros. downloads and information
Super Mario Bros sounds, screens, emulators.
TMK | Mario Teaches Typing 2
This is a good one! Type the word 'mushroom' in under a second!
The best Tokyo art gallery. They recently won the Geisai gallery battle held by Hiropon Factory.
Creation Org on Momus
A legacy or museum site for the label Momus left seven or eight albums with (now swallowed up by Sony).
Tangents - the home of Unpopular Culture
Some good essays. Unpopular culture has always been popular with me.
We Love Karie! / Menu
Kahimi Karie fan site.
Kahimi Favorite Song List
A list of Kahimi's fans' favourite songs. Changes from month to month. I always check to see if I'm still in favour.
Larry McCaffery
He's a ccccccccrrrrrrrrritic! He will come with a tape recorder one day to ask you questions about estrangement.
Avant-Pop Manifesto
Not a manifesto for avant-style pop music, but for a lit-crit movement.
Hiropon Factory
The big muthas of the Japanese art scene. True sumos, they squash everyone else superflat.
Kaikaikiki seems to be the new Hiropon Factory website. And it's in English!
Pop Biz is an eclectic Japanese distribution company. Always have interesting CDs out.
synthetic zero
A really interesting chapbook of random jottings, or zuihitsu.
Clement Greenberg
He knew what he liked.
Welcome to Childisc WWW
Nobukazu Takemura used to play flute in an 'earth band' called Spiritual Vibes. Now he is a kind of pop Stockhausen with his own, very interesting, record label. - Keep Your Web Clean - homepage
Spam and banners. I really hate them. This does nothing about spam, but it kills banners. Dead.
You too can be as genitally clean as the Japanese.
The Village Voice
It is the voice of the village.
Bug Music is a good paper about electronic music, in German.
They may have gone out of business, as Voyager did before them. Anyway, they are or were the best Japanese multimedia publisher.
Cornelius is a brilliant editor of sounds and images. The boy wonder of Shibuya-kei.
Delia Derbyshire
She worked with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. She died last year. She is mentioned on 'Folktronic'. I am interested in state-sponsored radiophony, increasingly. Neue Horspiel, I believe it"s called in German. It really only existed from about 1940 - 80.
Welcome to PS1 Museum
The best art gallery in the world, I believe. Now a far-flung outpost of the MOMA empire.
Hive Artists
Curator David D'Heilly did a thing at PS1 called Buzz Club, a selection of Japanese artists. This would've been August 2001.
Faire entendre connaitre : la musique electroacoustique
French multimedia company Hyptique have made a very wonderful CD-ROM about electro-acoustic music. Changed my life, honestly! Buy it at FNAC next time you're in Paris.
Chronic'art : le webmag culturel
It's a cultural webmag. In French.
Pierre Schaeffer
A pioneer of sound-as-sound. As art.
1996 Ocora Radio France Catalog
African music. I love the sound.
CENTRAL AFRICA Gb‡y‡ Music Songs For Reflection
Apply electronics and I am happy.
Famoudou Don Moye
His friends call him Don.
skipp label
Clickety click! Skippety skipp! This site for the excellent Ski-pp record label is the best piece of graphic design on the whole web. Buy the new DAT Politics album, admire the dancing robins. Magazine
Artnet Magazine. Art. On the net. In a magazine.
Rroland is an artist on the American Patchwork label, America's patchiest and best.
Music From Japan - Recent Events
Music from Japan. I don't think they mean Morning Musume.
Welcome to TokyoQ
Tokyo Q is a Tokyo events page. If you're visiting look it up. And look me up too!
Shuji Terayama was a Japanese underground film-maker with the same kind of vision (and entourage) as people like Warhol, Jack Smith and Derek Jarman. The sound palette of his films is excellent, and they look great. I love Terayama!
Asian / Asian American Music Reviews
What it says.
Hanayo makes sinister waltzes. She's also a photographer. She has a little girl. She lives in Germany. She's Japanese.
Bonsai Kitten
Try this at home with your own kitten! Where is bonsai girlfriend?
The Holy Bible - King James Version
A book about people long ago and their imaginary friends.
bonjour journal
Probably Japanese girls eating strawberry cakes while ooh-ing and ah-ing at robot pandas.
The Official Fall Website
Mark E. Smith. The William Blake of indie!
Scurrilous and nasty. MacCommunist is the only anti-Mac Macintosh page I've seen.
London Review of Books online
Big solid articles with big solid themes. Take your laptop to the toilet and read them there for hours.
The New York Review of Books
Slightly more zingy than the London Review of Books. Books! Read them, write them, read about them, write about them. Link to writing about them, even!
Political Compass
Find out if you're Hitler or Jack Straw. If the former, invade Poland. If the latter, Iraq.
Celebrity Atheist List
I am listed, despite being neither particularily famous nor particularly atheistic (I mean, no more than Voltaire).
Life Extension Foundation - Highest Quality Vitamins and Supplements
Millions now living will never die.
Channel 4 : Hello Culture
Matthew Collings probes the bombast and legacy of Romanticism.
I Love Music
It's one of my top hits. A bulletin board about music. An intelligent community.
I Love Everything
The sister board, going beyond (both above and below) music.
What was on at the Adelphi Theatre, 1820-1821?
Useful for those marital rows when she's sure 'The Merry Shepherds' but he insists 'Coriolanus' featured on the Adelphi stage in June 1820. : ENGLISH
A Japanese newspaper owned by a beer company. Or is it a Japanese beer company owned by a newspaper? Anyway, either the beer or the papers sell ten million units a day. I'll give you a clue: it's not the beer.
Tokyo Tales
Tales from Tokyo.
The World Clock - Time Zones
What time is it there?
TheRecordIndustry -- Alternative music sources
Get yer fresh mp3s 'ere!
Florian Perret
He eez ze chef of ze multimedia and ze record sleeves at ze Momus art enterprise.
david bowie | the official site | news
David Bowie, I owe you a few bob. Apparently.
Super Milk Chan!
Super Milk Chan is my favourite drawn person. I am the bumbling old flyblown president, sending her on stupid missions. Or am I Professor Eyepatch?
Cutie magazine. Where it is always spring, and the sakura trembles on the bough. And the girls wear cute clothes.
Turn any webpage into porno-speak.
Peter Saint-Andre's Journal
I remember this as something fine and intelligent.
felt tip software
Their shareware Sound Studio software is pretty good for recording onto a Mac via the USB port.
Sweden are a group in New York.
Tomlab Label
Tomlab is a German label. They recently released 'Nanoloop', a compilation of Gameboy music.
US Green Card Lottery
Win permanent residency in the US. As long as you're not British. What's My Pirate Name? (1/3)
Without knowing it, you have a pirate name. Discover what it is.
Abahouse international company
They make clothes. They are based in Daikanyama, Tokyo. A foppish sort of district. They also have an art gallery, rather a good one.
get your war on | page one
Raise arms, aim, release safety catch, draw anti-war cartoon!
Phespirit Momus site
This is the biggest and best independent site about Momus. Covers a lot of detail the official Momus site doesn't.
The New Yorker:
The New Yorker is a great magazine. One day I hope to be asked to write for them.
Boston Globe Online: Momus, folk music with byte
A Boston Globe article about me.
Elektro Beats - StudiogŠste.
Daniel Miller presents a radio show from Berlin. Good stuff.
wolf's kompaktkiste: william rusere
An African remixed by a Berliner.
Bjork, the poster child for art pop.
Rroland : Reflections on a Past Life as Played on the Roland Synthesizer
More about Rroland.
Young Japanese retreat to life of seclusion
They are called the hikikomori. The closeted or barricaded ones. They never go out. They play video games and tap at iMode cellphones. Also known as 'the thumb tribe' because their thumbs are hyperevolute.
City Pages: Folk You
Something about the New Folk.
There are two Shift magazines, just as there are two Metropolis magazines. Shift Canada is a good digital culture publication.
Shift Japan
And Shift Japan is a very big and well-made Japanese graphic design website, in English. Check the Cutie Girls archive for street fashion photographed in Harajuku each month, and check the well-networked links page.
JOOPY.NU >> all you need is love
I love Joopy and Joopy loves me. Go away everyone else!
This is fun Flash stuff. A crowd of salarymen who are compliant idiots. Click them! v2.0 | top sellers
Darla's top seller list. My American Patchwork label should be in there somewhere. Pretty much everything on Darla is worth checking out, though.
A young John Maeda. Simple multimedia in black and white, this fascinates.
This is also good. I love the squiggly drawing style.
If you have a broad pipe, this is a good source of interesting films and multimedia by trendy London photographers, video-makers and the like. It's published by photographer Nick Knight.
sugarqube greetings
Send one of those annoying web greetings cards. | Smelly Music for Swell People
Smelly music for swell people. It says here.
A newspaper about art.
Christian Marclay
He's a turntablist. He's also a visual artist. He had this thing at the Whitney Biennial; a huge drumkit and some melted guitars.
The AmericanáBritish - BritisháAmerican Dictionary
We speak the same language. In theory.
La Swanze
The surreal spirit of the Belgians.
Los Angeles: Revisiting the Four Ecologies
Reyner Banham. My new hero! A founding member of the Independent Group, which anticipated Pop Art by ten years, and one of the best essayists of the 50s, 60s and 70s. This updates his book about Los Angeles.
The Library at
Quite something. Anarchist texts.
Rumours about art.
Cornelius Cardew composer
My favourite Maoist intellectual in the music industry!
*Audio Dregs*
A label. A magazine. Some jaggy type.
Oberlin On Oberlin: Summer/Fall/Winter 2001
Oberlin College, home of The Gongs. (Well, it was until they graduated.)
Archived BBC Radio 4 Programmes
Were you listening to your aunt? Does she have to repeat everything she says?
France Culture Streaming Radio
Very, very advanced liberal humanism.
CANALPLUS.FR, de la tŽlŽvision ˆ Internet !
Canal Plus, French television. - Arts et musique
Arte. I bought a satellite dish for this alone.
Art As Art
Art as art.
ArtNet157 : minimalism
Your handy flatpack instruction manual to Minimalism.
Are you creative? I am.
BBC - Radio 4 - Listen Live to Radio 4
Are you listening to your aunt?
Fromm's Orientations Test
Erich Fromm had a big influence on the 20 year-old me. This charts your basic motivations and interests. But it's no substitute for reading 'To Have Or To Be' and 'The Art of Loving'.
Designplex Magazine
A very very good Japanese design magazine. Expensive, though, and impossibly lavish. So be thankful for whatever free scraps you can glean from their website.
The Gamefishing Web
My father is an avid fisherman. Here is his website. George Melly once described a book of his about fishing as 'better than pornography'.
Department of English at APU Cambridge
My brother teaches here.
Vice Magazine
Skate culture, young drugs and porn and decadence and purity and parties and stuff.
Anthology Film Archives
Jonas Mekas founded this place, still the best 'underground' film centre in New York City.
dada media : alphabet
A dada alphabet. At least until I check it.
Political Satire from The Brains Trust
A British attempt to out-Onion The Onion. Whether it succeeds is your call.
Press for man in cafe.
Peer-to-peer music file sharing. Whisper it loud!
Stan Brakhage on the Web
Stan Brakhage was an underground film-maker.
It's software which turns your Gameboy into a music sequencer.
TONESPY *the mp3 music magazine*
An mp3 music magazine.
This is a witty lo-fi-look website about Dutch sample dominatrix Solex.
Aphex Twin -- drukqs
A nice piano motif gives this Aphex Twin site resonance. Check out the beautiful prepared piano pieces.
REB FILE - Breaking news not covered by mainstream media
If you're paranoid, here's your paper. It's watching you!
The Stranger Column Archive
The Stranger. For strangers.
Eurospace Japan Movie News
An arty cinema in Tokyo's Shibuya district.
Girlie -- contemporary workshop for babies and girls.
PBS - Art:21 - Home Page
A good series about art which ran recently on PBS. Lots of documentation on the website.
Unity Gain 2002
The New York House of Ouch.
Romanticism On the Net
Are you a Romantic?
The Radio Propaganda Sound Archives
Priceless. Real Audio files of Lord Haw Haw, Quisling of the radio waves.
Ushida Findlay Partnership
They are Scottish Japanese, they build sort of orgonic buildings. Interesting.
John Maeda makes digital media. Like Toshio Iwai.
Metropolis Magazine
This is a very good design and architecture and culture magazine based in New York City. Lots of free content online. Shot By Both
A website about Magazine, the best British post-punk group.
el graphic
Mike Alway founded el Records in the 80s. Now he runs el Graphic, a design company. Commission an album sleeve from him! Poptones do.
Learn about the open source movement, and consider the parallel with oral folk culture.
New Scientist
British science magazine New Scientist published the first article in the copyleft format. Actually it's not a format but a legal framework which allows a thing to be freely available in the public domain, and freely alterable, but not used for private profit at any point.
The National Gallery
Paintings freely available in the public domain. When I first arrived in London I went here a lot, precisely because it was free. You can hear its influence in all the Saint Sebastian and John the Baptist songs I ended up writing.
The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
He. Is. The. Bard.
Early Recorded Sounds and Wax Cylinders
Bring the crackle!
The Online Books Page
Read books! Before they don't let you!
Text about sound? You tell me.
Confusingly, not the New York magazine Metropolis but a Tokyo version. I'm interviewed in an article they published about life in confined spaces.
Sony Music Online Japan - Tommy February
Tommy is a girl, and she's selling a lot of records in Japan just now with a sound some people think is Momus-like. - Reviews
Reviews of books. Music - Pet Cancer
It's a Barnes and Noble review of 'Pet Cancer' by Phiiliip, the first release on American Patchwork.
Alexander Graham Bell | Scottish Inventor
We Scots were once as inventive, gadgetwise, as the Japanese.
John Logie Baird
See what I mean?
If you plan to visit Japan, here's how you can get a return flight from New York for $600 or less.
We Love Karie!
They love Karie! We all love Karie!
The Kurt Schwitters Page
He was a curious cove. He jabbered in Merz.
Is it about Ayn Rand? Possibly not.
AMERICA - Not a Christian Nation!
America is not, historically, a Christian nation. So this interesting page argues.
Peek-A-Boo Records: The Prima Donnas
This is a sort of faux-limey fake 80s band.
The Armory Show 2002
I enjoy this big art fair every year.
The Journal of Psychogeography
A marvellous resource on Situationism, with films and essays and things.
ArtBots: The Robot Talent Show
Robots struggle to dominate.
Jan Bucquoy
This man, a Belgian artist and provocateur, incarnates better than anyone else the spirit of Zwanze. He shot to fame -- or infamy -- with a lurid cartoon of the sexual adventures of Tintin. He is currently making a film about the sexual lives of all Belgians, not just the cartoon type.
MOCA: Digital Art Gallery
I am making an artwork for MOCA online, due to be unveiled in June 2002.
the lair of the marrow monkey
Rather impressive multimedia essays and stories, made in Flash with schematic, diagrammatic motifs and photos floating around the screen depending on your mouse behaviour.
RAZ / AZTEC -- The Origin of the layout text
The story of Letraset body type, a form of meaningless layout text.
Thing Net is a portal much loved by the Austrian art cabal in New York city.
Design Council: Welcome to the Design Council
The Design Council, a didactic organ.
MoMA | The Museum of Modern Art, New York
Royal College of Art
The Royal College of Art.
design magazine
A design magazine.
Welcome to Doors of Perception
Doors of perception usually means some sort of drug connection. But this is an online journal about design and innovation.
ARCHINECT - pimpin' architecture since '97
Something about architecture. And pimps.
Midnight Sun Film Festival
I will appear here this summer.
Jack Magazine
This is a page about Nanao Sakaki, a wandering Zen poet and environmentalist in the style of Basho or Ryokan. A beautiful and charismatic man whose childlike dismay at the destruction we are wreaking on nature is valuable and galvanising.
liquidsquid - modernism resources
Modernism resources. Pay attention at the back there!

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