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Phiiliip is a twenty year old American currently living in Berlin. He makes all his music himself with a computer. Imagine if Beck really were a heady mess or if The Grifters were poor urban and black and fronted by Syd Barrett.

Pet Cancer was recorded in New York City. Philip Guichard was born in between the releases of Lodger and Scary Monsters. He was raised funnelling between Seattle and Olympia, which gave him more than enough time to marinate in the Pacific Northwest's natural nothingness. Time was bided writing fiction and recording music. Two books were written including 'The Fevered Sea', which will soon be published in anthology edited by Dennis Cooper for Black Ice Books. Between the ages of 16 and 19 Philip made an ill-advised decision to write for publications, including The Evergreen Review, The Village Voice, The New York Press and The Stranger. His mistake: overestimating the reader.

From the age of 14 upwards Philip was writing and recording songs, eventually amassing more than 1000 songs and 100 albums. As he found increasingly convincing ways to occupy his time otherwise, the production halted to a more filtered and discriminate trickle. At the age of 18 Philip was handed an unexpected boon in the form of a covert CD which contained several secrets which he then proceeded to steep himself in. After one year of self-training, he holed up and made concrete the consolidated songs inside his head. Recorded in Seattle during Summer 2000, remixed and upholstered in New York through to 2001, Pet Cancer finally sees the dark of day.

In addition to the release of Pet Cancer, Phiiliip also has a track on the upcoming Electroclash compilation for DJ Hell's International Deejay Gigolo Records (also featuring tracks by Fischerspooner, ARE Weapons and Bedroom Productions). Phiiliip is also an emerging live artist, having performed with artists such as Momus, Genesis P-Orridge, Brian DeGraw and Wolfgang Tillmans at venues such as Tonic, Fun, Gavin Brown's Enterprise and Good/Bad. He is currently plotting performances where he now lives and in New York, where he hopes to become a visitor.

Pet Cancer
The debut CD on American Patchwork Records
AmPatch 001
Made and distributed by Darla
Out now

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