Live in Japan
Tuesday September 21st: Momus concert at Club Noon (Osaka).

Doors open 18:00, show starts 19:00.
Chou Chou Noir (VELVET MOON)

NOON TEL 06-6373-4919
Supported by Velvet Moon

The 2005 album from Momus
Momus spent the spring and early summer of 2004 recording a new album in Berlin, for release on Analog Baroque and American Patchwork in early 2005. The title is 'Otto Spooky' and there are fifteen tracks, all new compositions. John Talaga, who 'reproduced' the 2003 album from Momus, Oskar Tennis Champion, is currently working on a series of morphs, disorienting bridges linking one track to the next. The sleeve is being made by James Goggin of Practise.

Summer is a cumin in!
The collaborative album by Momus and Anne Laplantine, Summerisle, is released on April 16th. Anne, known for a host of releases on labels like Gooom, Angelika Kohlermann and Tomlab, made the music and Momus (a Cherry Red recording artist!) sang. The record will be released on Analog Baroque. Momus and Anne will also perform together at a sound art festival in Helsinki that month. (See above.)

Collaboration with Hypo
Momus has lent vocals to a track on Random Veneziano, the forthcoming album from Parisian distortion-popper Hypo. More details soon.

Compilation album: Forbidden Software Timemachine
Forbidden Software Timemachine, a compilation of the Momus' best work for the Creation label, was released on Analog Baroque / Cherry Red on Monday, June 23rd.

Between 1987 and 1993 Momus recorded seven albums for the Creation label. Sony have now agreed for these recordings, unavailable since Alan McGee closed Creation, to be released by Analog Baroque, the label Momus curates through Cherry Red in the UK. Eventually it's hoped that Analog Baroque will be able to release the albums in their entirety. In the meanwhile, here's a two CD compilation of tracks selected by Momus from his Creation years. Read an interview with Momus about his Creation years here.

In August 2003 Cherry Red will be releasing on DVD the Finnish television documentary 'Momus: Man Of Letters' directed in 1993 by Hannu Puttonen. Originally broadcast and released on VHS in a 36 minute format, the DVD will comprise the 58 minute original director's cut, including videos specially made for many songs. Rights are currently being negotiated for two additional films to be included on the DVD, a 1999 BBC Choice documentary (30 minutes) made by Duglas Stewart (BMX Bandits) for BBC Choice Scotland's show Beat Room and a New York Channel 67 cable documentary made in early 2002 by Nicolas Jenkins as part of his regular Manhattan cable show Product.

2003 Album: Oskar Tennis Champion
The 2003 Momus album was Oskar Tennis Champion, recorded in Tokyo and 'reproduced' in Michigan by John Fashion Flesh, it comprised fifteen new Momus songs. Read four journal entries about the composition and recording starting here. The record, with a sleeve by Florian Perret, was released on American Patchwork (AMPATCH 005) in the US, Analog Baroque (ANALOG 008CD) in the UK and Europe, and Quattro (QUATTRO 050) in Japan. Reviews are here.

Bran Van 3000 Video
Momus co-wrote and duetted with actress Liane Balaban on a song featured on Bran Van 3000's last album, Discosis. You can watch a video of the song featuring Momus and Liane here.

Momus Flash Piece In MOCA's Online Gallery
MOCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles) commissioned Momus to make an artwork for their online Digital Gallery. The piece, entitled 'Suffusia: A Beautiful Life', is now online. It's a collaboration between Momus (music, voices, script, scenario and conception) and multimedia designer Florian Perret (3D rendering, animation, design, drawing, characterisation), the man responsible for the Folktronic sleeve art and the Folktronia art show's multimedia graphics. The famous Mumbleboy also provided invaluable last-minute Flash work and finessing. Check it out!

American Patchwork: The Label
American Patchwork is a new label curated by Momus and distributed in the US by Darla. Its first two records, released late 2001, were:

Phiiliip: Pet Cancer (AmPatch001)
Rroland: Reflections On A Past Life (AmPatch002)

The new releases from American Patchwork are a collection of Nintendo madrigals by Super Madrigal Brothers and the first album from experimental folk group The Gongs:

Super Madrigal Brothers: Shakestation (AmPatch003)
The Gongs: Rob Reich (AmPatch004)

You can order these releases directly though Darla online, or find them in discriminating record stores. They will also be on sale during the American Patchwork label tour.

Read more about Phiiliip, new signings Super Madrigal Brothers and The Gongs, and Rroland.

Milky: Travels With A Donkey
Momus and ex-wife Shazna have made the first full-length Milky album, 'Travels With A Donkey'. The album was commissioned by Mike Alway and Shoichi Kajino of el Records and L'Appareil Photo Bis respectively. It was released on L'Appareil Photo Bis in Japan on November 11th 2002. Shazna was in Japan in September doing interviews about the record. You can order any Japanese-released CD through the Tokyo Record Hunting Service.

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