I Am A Kitten
Vogue Bambini
Giapponese A Roma
Nikon 2
The Poisoners

One of things I love about Japan is the way it flings fragments of other languages and cultures into a surreal kaleidoscope. In Kyoto or Tokyo you pass a severe, opulent and sombre department store called 'It's' or 'In The Room', you dine at a restaurant called 'Perverse Person'.

When I was commissioned by Cruel Records - a Japanese label rather blatantly inspired by Mike Alway's el Records, the first home of Momus - to write an EP for Kahimi Karie, I decided to celebrate this bizarre eclecticism by composing the songs in English, French and Italian. Like Tokyo café interiors, they sum up 'The Parisu (or Milanu) of Our Dreams' with a few clichés.

The commission came at a low and lonely time in my life and rekindled a long lost sense of fun. I think it's a great record.

Kahimi and I performed these songs live at the Autumn/Winter collection of fashion designer Tsumura in Paris, March 1995.